Kodama Games was created by a single developer in hopes of making fun, entertaining games. I mainly work with the RPG Maker XP and MV game engines. At the moment Framed Wings has been fully developed and released. Kodama Games has also recently started publishing other indie titles onto the Steam platform, such as It Moves. You can read more about the games I have developed and published by visting the Game page. If you are interested in having your own indie game published onto Steam under Kodama Games, feel free to send me a message by hitting the contact button on the website.


Want to be a volunteer? You can contact me by joining the official Kodama Games Steam group here, you can also contact me via hitting the volunteer button on the website. Simply fill out the form with your name, a small description of previous projects that you've worked on, and your contact information. I am currently in need of spriters, artists, and those experienced in Ruby, Javascript, RPG Maker XP and MV.


Keep in touch! Kodama Games currently has a Twitter account @KodamaGaming, and a Steam homepage that catalogs all the games I have released and published, visit that here. You can also find me on YouTube.

If you find the Kodama Games name anywhere else, it's not me! I also do not send Emails to people unless they have contacted me first!