Kodama Games is a small independent game development team, we mainly work with the RPG Maker XP engine. At the moment Framed Wings has been fully developed and released. You can read more about the game and purchase it on the Steam platform via visting the Game page. There are currently two staff members here at Kodama Games and we are looking for more talented members to join and lend a helping hand with various tasks which we ourselves cannot manage alone.


Want to be part of the team? You can contact us by joining our group on Steam here, you can also send us an Email. Just give us your name and a small description of your talents or previous projects that you've worked on. We are currently in need of spriters, artists, musicians, and those experienced in Ruby and/or RPG Maker XP.

We shall have a submission form on the website soon to make contacting us a little bit easier.


We have social media! Kodama Games currently has a Twitter account @KodamaGaming, and a Steam account where we will be accepting friend requests for a small period of time.

If you find our name anywhere else, it's not us! We also do not send Emails to people unless they have contacted us first!